We are nicknaming the unit QS10.  Please note the following regarding those units:

  1. There is minor assembly that is required the first time you open the boxes from the manufacturer.
  2. The original boxes cannot be reused once the unit is assembled.  The assembled unit is too tall for the box.
  3. Please observe Video 1 and Video 2 for how to insert middle tiller bar into the unit.  Please ensure that the wheels are straight and tighten down as hard as you can.
  4. The handlebars should be straightforward to install.
  5. Please apply the brakes to ensure they work correctly. Please lock the brakes to ensure that they work correctly.  Video 3 has instructions for how modify the brakes, if necessary.
  6. The customer should not need the allen key that comes with the unit.  Please keep these keys for future use.
  7. Ship the instruction manual with the unit, though we are working on bigger and better instructions for future shipments.
  8. Please see the attached picture for how to place the unit in our standard shipping box.  Ensure that the unit has the appropriate bubble wrap protections.