Order Desk is an online software system used to track all orders, communicate to fulfillment partners and use for rebilling purposes.

As the Ecwid shopping cart system lacks some rental management functionality and the ability to customize to Knee Walker Central's needs, Order Desk software is critical for tracking all orders and ensuring that timely and correct billing takes place.

After the order is processed in Ecwid, all critcal information is passed to Order Desk for order processing.  Order processing  is the process of sending the order to the correct fulfillment facility, tracking the delivery to the customer, receiving the rental products back into inventory, and processing final billing.  

Fulfillment Folders

New orders are assigned to one of four folders; one for each fulfillment center and one for Lifestyle purchases. Assignments to these folders are made automatically and are based on the shipping state of the order.  If there was an issue, the order will be in the "NEW" folder for special processing.

Step 1:  Review 

Before you send the order to a fulfillment center.  Review the following items:

  1. Check on the Rental Start Date.  Wait if the customer has a date schedule way in the future and Tag the order in yellow.
  2. Ensure that the Rental Start Date and the Rental End Date are correct.  Modify if needed.
  3. Ensure that the customer has signed the Terms of Service.
  4. Check that the Customer's Name was imported correctly (with the first and last name in the appropriate columns)
  5. Delete "KCP" from the Model name if appropriate.

Step 2:  Creation of Special Documents


For FPF Orders - A CS number is needed

  1. Submit the order in Clear Spider using previously created process instructions.
  2. Capture the CS number from Clear Spider and input the CS number in the "CS" field in the Checkout Data section.

For Jacksonville Orders - A CSV file is needed with order information

  1. Click the "Jax Fulfillment" folder to see an overall view of orders.
  2. Check the appropriate order and click "Export All Pages" and then select "Jax - CSV File".  
  3. Rename the file to "Order#.csv" (i.e. KWH00077.csv)
  4. Click back on the order in Order Desk
  5. Add the CSV file to the order by navigating to the section on the right marked Dropbox.
    1. Click "Choose File"
    2. Select appropriate label(s) file and click OK.
    3. Verify that field "Checkout Data" is selected 
    4. Change the name of the field from "Shipping Labels" to "CSV".
    5. Click "Upload"
  6. Verify that link for file is present for CSV in Checkout Fields.  You might need to refresh the screen.

Step 3:  Generating Shipping Labels for Jax, FPF, and DBL

  1. Open ShipStation using LastPass.
  2. Go to the Orders | Awaiting Shipment view
  3. Make sure "Manual Orders" is selected on the left side tab
  4. Click the Order number for the corresponding shipment
  5. A tab should pop up on the right side of the screen
  6. All "Ship From" and "box dimensions" should be automatically populated.
  7. If the unit is a rental, ensure that a return label will be generated
  8. If everything looks correct, click "Create + Print Label"
  9. Save the label(s) to the shared Dropbox folder "UPS Ship Labels"

Step 4:  Prepare to Send Order to Fulfillment Partner

  1. Go back to the order in Order Desk
  2. Verify the tracking numbers are in the tracking section of the order. If they are not, click the button "Check ShipStation for Shipment"
  3. Add the shipping labels to the order by going to the section on the right marked Dropbox.
    1. Click "Choose File"
    2. Select the appropriate label(s) file and click OK.
    3. Verify that field "Checkout Data" is selected and "Shipping Labels" is name for field.
    4. Click "Upload"
    5. Verify that link for file is present for Shipping Labels in Checkout Fields.  You might need to refresh the screen.
  4. If order is for New Jersey, see above section to confirm that CS number is added.
  5. If order is for Jacksonville, see above section to generate CSV file.
  6. Confirm that pdf_39572 has a value. Order Metadata can be found at very bottom of screen.  This is the pdf for the order receipt that needs to be sent to the fulfillment center.
  7. If file does not exist for pdf_39572, then click the Print Receipt button to generate an order receipt.


Step 5:  Send Order and all information to the Fulfillment Partner

    1. Click the E-mail button
    2. Select the Email Template for the appropriate fulfillment partner
    3. Check the details of the e-mail (such as the Send to Name and email address) 
    4. Click "Send E-mail"
    5. The email should send all information needed to the fulfillment partner to process the order.