Most of the Order Desk data is imported from the website and the Ecwid shopping cart.  There are, however, things that need to be reviewed and adjusted for the order to be processed correctly.  Also, Knee Walker Central has created special checkout fields to help run our business.  These are explained in this section.


Customer Information:  There are two fields that might need editing after the Ecwid import.


  • First Name and Last Name fields for both Shipping and Billing:  Sometimes, the customer will make a mistake and enter their entire name in the first name field, so you will have the separate those names in order desk.  You will need to change it in both the shipping and billing addresses.
  • State:  If it is the state spelled out, like Georgia.  Please change the state field to the abbreviation, like GA.  You will need to change it in both the shipping and billing addresses.


Special order fields:  There are several fields that we can and need to edit in every order in order desk.  It is important that we keep these fields clean and concise.


  • Comments:  This is imported from the original comments from Ecwid.  We should leave the customer’s height and weight in the comments field.  Move the doctor name and practice to the “Doctor” field.  Delete extra comments or if it is important, move the important comment to the order desk internal comments at the bottom of order desk.  (Remember to click the add internal order note button when you are finished typing the note.)
  • Doctor:  Keep it clean.  Capitalize the doctor’s name and put Dr. in front.
  • Mobility Team Member:  This is for the team member who took the order.  Call yourself the same name every time.  For example, “Pat” instead of “Patricia”.  If it is an online order and did not involve the mobility team, enter “Online.”
  • Model:  This is a quick explanation of the main product ordered.  Delete the “- KPC” or “KPC –“ if it is in the Model field.  If the customer ordered an iWalk in addition to a knee walker, please leave both large SKUs in there (i.e. iWalk – KN1000 purchase).
  • CS:  This field will only be present for orders that are fulfilled out of New Jersey.  This is FPF’s internal order number for Clear Spider that needs to be linked to the Knee Walker Central number.



Rental fields:  There are several fields that are created only for rental orders.  These are used to monitor the rental period and return.


  • No. Weeks Rented:  This will be pulled in originally from the customer’s input in Ecwid.  Billing will use this as renewal charges are applied.  If a customer changes the number of weeks rented prior to ship, edit this number and use the “Recal RSD” button to change the rental end date.  The items on the invoice will need to be modified.
  • Active Rental Start Date:  This date is originally imported from the information that the customer entered on the web in this format 2020-07-08.  You can leave it in this format prior to ship unless we need to recalculate the rental start date for the invoice.  Once the order is delivered to the customer and to recalculate the rental end date, you have to use this format 01-01-2020 (MO-DA-YEAR).  We have to use leading zeros and cannot use "/".  We have to use "-" between the Month, Day and Year.
  • Rental End Date:  This is a special field that is calculated from the “Active Rental Start Date.”  It is printed on the invoice for rental orders.  When you reset the “Active Rental Start Date” you can recalculate the Rental End Date by clicking the “RSD Recal” button.  This process will take about a minute and you will need to refresh your screen.
  • Return Tracking:  Copy the return tracking number into this.  We will use this later for billing purposes.
  • Rental Return Date:  This is the date that the rental return is first scanned by Fed Ex.
  • Rental Received Date:  This is the date that the rental is delivered back to our warehouse.