The “Fulfilled” folder is a holding folder to watch orders after they have been sent to the warehouse, but still need to be monitored.  Typically, we are waiting for the order to be delivered and to receive serial number information from the warehouse.  


There are several things you need to check before moving items out of fulfilled:

  1. Make sure the product is delivered and tracking information is entered.
  2. Make sure the “Active Rental Start Date”  and “Rental End Date” are correct. Remember: The dates have to be in the MO-DA-YEAR (i.e 01-01-2020) formation.
    • Also remember to click “RSD Recal” button to reset the Rental Start Date if the Active Rental Start Date was changed. (It will take a minute to run and you will need to refresh the folder).
  3. Make sure the serial number is on the invoice. (i.e. “Deluxe Knee Walker Serial Number” | Cost =“$0” | SKU = T19-006197| Set Variations SN and T19-006197) For more information on adding serials numbers, see

  4. Double check that all the data is correct and clean in all the fields.  Fields to pay special attention to:
    • First and Last Name for Billing and Shipping
    • State for Billing and Shipping
    • Active Rental Start Date
    • No. Weeks Rented
    • Rental End Date
    • Return Tracking
    • Comments
    • Doctor
    • Mobility Team Member
    • Model (delete KPC)

For more instructions on these special fields see


Once the product is delivered, serial number is entered, and data is clean, click “Finished Processing” button.


This will send purchase orders to the “Purchased” folder and rental orders to the “Rental Open” folder.