If a customer requests a return label to be e-mailed to them, you can email the customer the return label in Order Desk.  

 Important: Use the return label that has already been generated for them in ship station or webship. If there are no return labels already generated (for example if Lifestyle ships directly to the customer), a return label will need to be created in webship.  Remember to select the Delivery Notification from FedEx so we receive a notification that the unit is coming back. 

Here are the steps for e-mailing a return label using order desk:

  1. Create a PDF with the return label and save it to your computer.  (There are several ways to do this in ship station and webship or by "printing to pdf"  "one page" of the return label from the shipping labels already attached in order desk.) 
  2. Once you have saved the return label as a pdf on your computer, Browse to the file, type in “Return Label” in the box, and Click “Upload. ”  It is very important that the file is labeled “Return Label”  (no “s”)  
  3. Click on the email button and select the Return Label email template
  4. In the e-mail pop-up, type in the customer’s name in the “Send to Name” box and click “Send Email” button.
  5. Add the return tracking numbers to the fields in the backend.