Modifying an Invoice:


An invoice will need to be modified if a customer upgrades a knee walker, adds a KPC after placing the order, orders a replacement box, or extra rental charges are added.  If a product is added or deleted and a refund or charge needs to take place, tag the order ORANGE, create a fresh desk case to e-mail to billing, and add a note to the order.


Delete:  To delete a product on an invoice, select the box next to the product you want to delete then click the delete item button.



Modify:  To modify an item name or variation (Such as Rental Start Date), click on the blue item name and a pop-up will appear where you can make changes.  See the instructions and examples below for more information on correct terminology to include for each item.

Add:  To add an item, click the Add Item button and a pop-up will appear.  

Enter:  Enter the SKU or name of the item, fill in or modify the needed fields (SKU, Price, Etc.), enter the Variation infomation, and click the "Add Item" button.  If there is more than one variation, Click "Add Variation" to add the second variation.


Below are a few examples of popups for common products you might add to an invoice. 


Replacement Box: 

(Hint:  Just type “Replacement” in the Name field, select it and all attributes should autofill. )



Deluxe Knee Walker:

For knee walker rentals, remember to enter the variations

        Example -  Rental Start Date 2020-07-22

                            Rental Duration 4 Weeks (Minimum)



Knee Pad Covers:  

(Pay attention to the differences in SKU and pricing when shipping charges are added.)


KPC without shipping



KPC with shipping


After you click the "Add Item" button in the pop-up fields, and the new item will be on your invoice list.

Remember to use these terms for Names and Models:


P4000 - Purchase

P4000 - Rental

KN4000JR - Purchase

KN4000JR - Rental

KN3000 - Purchase

KN3000 - Rental

KN1000 - Purchase

KN2000 - Purchase



Deluxe Knee Walker - Purchase

Deluxe Knee Walker - Rental

Petite Knee Walker - Purchase

Petite Knee Walker - Rental

Premium Knee Walker - Purchase

Premium Knee Walker - Rental 

Standard Knee Walker - Purchase

Ultra Knee Walker - Purchase


Printing and Saving a New Invoice:


The invoice will be automatically be generated after shipping labels are generated in ship station.  If this process does not work or if the invoice needs to be modified, here are the steps.


  • If a new invoice needs to be created to replace an existing PDF  invoice, you have to delete the old invoice first by clicking the PDF Delete button.

  • Wait a little bit and refresh your screen to verify that the pdf link at the bottom of the screen has been deleted
  • To create a new invoice, click the print button here:

  •  A pop-up of the invoice will appear on the screen and a pdf will be created at the bottom of the order, so click the pdf link tdouble check that your new items are in the invoice.