Credit Card Declined / Collections:


Use this process if a credit card has declined for a rental renewal or rental final charges.

  1. Billing will move the order to CC Declined Folder.
  2. Billing will put notes in order desk
  3. Billing will create an entry in the CC Declines google doc.
  4. The mobility team member will create a fresh desk case, contact the customer, update google docs and fresh desk.
  5. There is a protocol of emails to follow to contact the customer and hope that they respond.
  6. When the customer provides updated cc information, we need complete card number, expiration date and cvc code.  
    • Mark it in the notes like this 0724-123-12314234323423
  7. Send Billing a note, update fresh desk and tag the order with orange.
  8. If the charge goes through, Billing will un mark the order and move it to the appropriate folder.  Billing will also note order desk, fresh desk and google docs.
  9. We are willing to work on a payment plan, but the customer has to meet this payment plan schedule.
  10. If the customer is non-compliant or does not respond after several attempts, the customer will be sent to collections.  A special invoice will need to be created.