When a Rental is Returned:


Use this process to complete the order when a rental is returned.

  1. When a customer returns a knee walker to the warehouse, mark these fields in order desk
    • Rental Return Date:  This is the date that the rental return is first scanned by Fed Ex.  Use MO-DA-YEAR with leading zeros. (i.e. 07-09-2020)
    • Rental Received Date:  This is the date that the rental is delivered back to our warehouse.  Use MO-DA-YEAR with leading zeros. (i.e. 07-11-2020)
  2. Tag the order in ORANGE.
  3. Make sure the serial number is added to the invoice for $0.
  4. Update the inventory numbers in ship station (maybe)
  5. Billing will process the final billing and adjust the invoice.
  6. Billing will e-mail the final “Paid” invoice to the customer.
  7. Billing will move the order to “Rental Closed” folder.